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The talking Rocks of the Aborigines


The rock art of the Australian Aborigines is the oldest evidence of human culture, however the unique cultural heritage of the Aboriginal people is in danger of being lost forever due to decomposition and algae infestation over the last 40,000 years.
Jürgen Steiner and Willie Brim
Jürgen Steiner, an Austrian stone restorer, has developed new procedures and techniques for preserving these significant art treasures which he has already applied successfully during two longer stays in Australia in 2008 and 2009.  It was the first time he managed to restore several ancient rock paintings in the northeast of Australia, which are several thousand years old and thus save them from further decay.

Through his successful work Jürgen Steiner has succeeded in winning the trust of members of different tribes as well as gaining access to hidden rock art sites and places of worship. The rock art is of enormous importance since the Aborigines have never developed a written language. The paintings are the most significant legacy of the natives. The rock paintings are responsible for the preservation of their identity and survival of their 80,000 year old culture.

The documentary The talking Rocks of the Aborigines which is produced as a co-production and co-financed with the European culture channel 3sat will accompany Jürgen Steiner to the forgotten tribes of the Australian aborigines.  The documentary provides an insight into their mysterious world of spirituality and harmony with nature and creates awareness for the need of urgency to preserve and protect this endangered culture.

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For the realization of Jürgen Steiner’s dream, more support and funding is planned for autumn 2012 when further restoration work will take place in Australia. The cinematic documentation of his work should serve to make the project known worldwide and to therefore guarantee his on going work over the coming years.Jürgen Steiner and Willie Brim

In order to finish the film project and to guarantee the continuation of the restoration project in autumn of 2012, we ask for your financial support!

With a Home page and crowd-funding platforms on the Internet we wish to attract volunteers to assist with a financial contribution for the project.

Financing Strategy
The production costs for the film and the picture book amount to EUR 113,000, of which EUR 65,000 (58%) will be financed by the co-production partners and sponsors 3sat. The remaining EUR 48,000 needs to be raised via donations from all over the world.
Even the smallest contribution helps! Based on the idea of crowd-funding, which is to say, financing of a project by many single prospective individuals, we hope that we can persuade enough people to support our project with a contribution!
And of course we want to thank you for the support too!